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The photographs on this site are grouped into a number of galleries which contain thumbnails linked to higher resolution images. Just click on the category you are interested in to open the gallery then click on the picture you want to see in higher resolution.


This part of the site is still under construction and only Galleries 1 and 2 are available at present. The rest of the galleries will be uploaded as soon as possible and pictures in the galleries will change as time goes on.


Gallery 1 Old Photos

Gallery 2 Mells Lower Works

Gallery 3 Mells Upper Works

Gallery 4 Great Elm Works

Gallery 5 Railford Works

Gallery 6 Stoney Lane (Chantry) Works

Gallery 7 Nunney Works

Gallery 8 Edge tool production

Gallery 9 Fussell Patent Balance Lock

Gallery 10 The Villages

Gallery 11 Wadbury Valley

Gallery 12 Geological features

Gallery 13 Natural history


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